Do you have a dream ?

Dreaming, form of mental activity, different from waking thought, that occurs during sleep. The nature of dream activity has been characterized by many clinical and laboratory studies. These studies show that dreams are more perceptual than conceptual: Things are seen and heard rather than thought. In terms of the senses, visual experience is present in almost all dreams; auditory experience in 40 to 50 percent; and touch, taste, smell, and pain in a relatively small percentage. A considerable amount of emotion is commonly present—usually a single, stark emotion such as fear, anger, or joy rather than the modulated emotions that occur in the waking state. Most dreams are in the form of interrupted stories, made up partly of memories, with frequent shifts of scene.

This broad characterization includes a great variety of dream experiences. Many dreams collected in sleep laboratories are rather ordinary, but most people have at least some bizarre dreams. At the start of the 20th century Sigmund Freud proposed that a mental process quite different from that used in the waking state dominates the dreaming mind. He described this “primary process” as characterized by more primitive mechanisms, by rapid shifts in energy and emotions, and by a good deal of sexual and aggressive content derived from childhood.

How the ancient story tell us about dream?
In Pharaoh era, the dream hold the important one to decide kingdom policy.
Since the king dreamt about seven thin cows ate seven fat cows, whole people in that kingdom had a duty to send their some harvest to save it in a big government barn. It was caused by the interpretation of the dream was the dry season would come soon after seven years fertile season and It was true!

How about the waking tought. A dream that comes when awaking. Each of us has a dream, we do not need sleeping to dream. Sometimes, When sitting on a chair, wallking, even talking to others, be carefull the dream come, catch it! My friend, Tomi has a dream to study abroad when watching the beautiful view of Australia in Lord of the Ring. You know where he is now?

Do you have a dream? What is your dream?..................

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I have lived in Tamalanrea for 26 years..never leave it even one second, but to travel to others city was just my dream. On one second a chance come to me and I make a decision to catch the chance..Finally I found my self in some cities. Coming with my new desire to learn writing, a mixture occured. Try to write what I feel, see, taste, hear, with not enough experience in writing..


"Settingan tahun 1941 di sebuah daerah transmigrasi di Amerika. Dikaki pegunungan Allegheny yang terpencil itu terbentang kota Hyde Bend. Jantungnya adalah sebuah kilang baja; tulangnya, komunitas imigran Polandia yang rapat yang mendiami kota tersebut; dan darahnya, keyakinan Katolik mereka yang keras. Tetapi dalam jiwa kota itu terkubur rapat-rapat sebuah rahasia berbahaya yang mengelilingi kematian seorang pendeta yang sangat dipuja. "



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