The poor

There was a time, when sitting in a cafe, an old woman came to me. She looked weak and hadn't a lunch. So I gave her some thousands, hope her got a lunch.

In the middle of the night on my way to home, it was raining. Then I looked for a shelter and finally found it. On the downpour, two wet boys came to me to ask for money to get some dinner..Oh My God..How poor. Then I gave them some. Some moment, I guessed him 31 years old, a guy came and called the boys. He asked the boys,"What do you get today boys?."

Then I realized the guy used the poor boys to earn money all day long for his own.

At the moment, I promised on my self to not give anything to poor anymore. For four months, I refused to give money to the poor, even while walking with my friends and they come, I told my friend to not give them anything and telling him who behind the poor.

Till one moment, when I prayed Isya. The Imam said:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
  1. Have you considered him who calls the judgment a lie?
  2. That is the one who treats the orphan with harshness.
  3. And does not urge (others) to feed the poor.
  4. So woe to the praying ones,
  5. Who are unmindful of their prayers
  6. Who do (good) to be seen,
  7. And withhold the necessaries of life.
Forgive me God...
just like a slap to what I've done...
Finally, I realized that to refuse giving some to the poor was wrong. But remember the guy using the poor boys, so I will give them food to eat not money...Thank's God to remind me

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  1. Tulisan pencerahan di bulan Ramadhan..saya jadi insyaf kanda,,hehe

  2. panas.... eh salah
    tobat ma..........


I have lived in Tamalanrea for 26 years..never leave it even one second, but to travel to others city was just my dream. On one second a chance come to me and I make a decision to catch the chance..Finally I found my self in some cities. Coming with my new desire to learn writing, a mixture occured. Try to write what I feel, see, taste, hear, with not enough experience in writing..


"Settingan tahun 1941 di sebuah daerah transmigrasi di Amerika. Dikaki pegunungan Allegheny yang terpencil itu terbentang kota Hyde Bend. Jantungnya adalah sebuah kilang baja; tulangnya, komunitas imigran Polandia yang rapat yang mendiami kota tersebut; dan darahnya, keyakinan Katolik mereka yang keras. Tetapi dalam jiwa kota itu terkubur rapat-rapat sebuah rahasia berbahaya yang mengelilingi kematian seorang pendeta yang sangat dipuja. "



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