Baby Blogger

A baby blogger is a blog beginner.
The first day seeing this blog world just want to try anything. He cannot talk as well as adult saying anything fluently even have a good template. Everyday just trying to learn speaking harder and harder.
mama...that's the first word can make us very happy to hear it. So the first appearing word in a blog by a Baby Blogger should be appriciated, a good critic should be enough. not insulting them. Are you happy that many Baby Blogger dead before saying the second word, afraid of, confused of many insults and rules.

Really u have so bad template, so do u have a better one?...hmmm

Copy-paste, hmm that's really fool, but a baby has just known to imitate, right?

Some senior blogger say not to post a daily activity like a diary....hmmm
the baby blogger just know to speak senior!, moreover, it's not bad to post our daily activity, to tell our friend about today's mood, a little care and empaty should be presented here.

They should be supported!. As we know, they are an IT indonesian rookie. Indonesia has faced many problem with IT, such as: Pemilu 2004 case, Indonesia e-Bussiness , etc. The next day we should not be worry, many baby blogger has just tried to say theirs first word in this field altough with a bad way

fiuh..are u'r english good?, I've just learned writing in english. If u see any mistake on the writing above. Send me the correction please!

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I have lived in Tamalanrea for 26 years..never leave it even one second, but to travel to others city was just my dream. On one second a chance come to me and I make a decision to catch the chance..Finally I found my self in some cities. Coming with my new desire to learn writing, a mixture occured. Try to write what I feel, see, taste, hear, with not enough experience in writing..


"Settingan tahun 1941 di sebuah daerah transmigrasi di Amerika. Dikaki pegunungan Allegheny yang terpencil itu terbentang kota Hyde Bend. Jantungnya adalah sebuah kilang baja; tulangnya, komunitas imigran Polandia yang rapat yang mendiami kota tersebut; dan darahnya, keyakinan Katolik mereka yang keras. Tetapi dalam jiwa kota itu terkubur rapat-rapat sebuah rahasia berbahaya yang mengelilingi kematian seorang pendeta yang sangat dipuja. "



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